Ecoliteracy Poem: Secret Garden


You loved me

Nurtured me

Held me

You showed me the connections

As we sat in your garden

That is how I remember you




Your garden was a secret oasis

Not only for me

But for all living things

It was there that you taught me to care

That a flower has as much life as us

That without them

We cannot be

You taught me that I was lovingly created

Just like all I see

You taught me to not be wasteful

And use what I have for what I need

You taught me that we were here

For a reason

Even if I have yet to see

You taught me that this world was a gift

And we need to take care of it

Watching our actions

To make sure it lasts

And show our appreciation

You taught me many things

In that garden

Where life was at peace


5 thoughts on “Ecoliteracy Poem: Secret Garden

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