Ecology / Outdoor Education

LOCAL COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: White Butte Ecomuseum Ecology Heritage Project A Teacher’s Curriculum Guide – Edited by Anna Hall, Designed and Illustrated by Haley Gartner

  • A wonderful resource to get started on outdoor and environmental education that is relevant to the students’ community.

Click to access ecology-heritage-project-teacher-s-activity-guide–online-version-.pdf

Environmental Lesson Plans for K-12 from

  • There is a variety of lesson plans for each grade, with varying time requirements, as well as options for in different seasons. They would be easy to implement in any classroom.


  • This would be a fun challenge to do with a future classroom that would get them active, more involved with the environment, and thinking about how this relationship is necessary in order to truly appreciate the world we live in. Doing this challenge would open the door to other, relevant discussions.

Videos for Talking About Protecting the Environment

Ted Ed Earth School

Treaty Education

Honouring the Buffalo: A Plains Cree Legend Study Guide – by Judith Silverthorne and Ray Lavallee. Illustrated by Mike Keepness.

  • This would be a great resource for younger classes to start discussions on the buffalo, which could lead into deeper discussions relating to treaties, promises, and reconciliation (The accompanying book can be found here).

Click to access honoring-the-buffalo-study-guide.pdf

Educational Technology

8 Educational YouTube Channels to Help Students Learn Math at Home – Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

  • This site has compiled several, quality YouTube channels to help teach math – either with distance learning or as a supplemental resource in the classroom.

10 Great Free Websites for Elementary School – Common Sense Education

  • “We’ve selected these websites for their ability to engage students and their pedagogical value as well as their utility in the classroom. Our hope is that these content-rich sites can be reliable go-to destinations for your kids all year long. Use them with students from pre-kindergarten through the fifth grade to help them pick up new skills and build solid foundations in math, science, and reading.”

EDTECH IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS – 6 Examples of Technology in the Elementary Classroom

  • Everything from using Scratch to Flocabulary, but with an emphasis on learning over using gadgets unnecessarily.

Anti-Bias Education

Anti-Racist Education: A Bibliography of Resources– Produced by the STF

  • A large collection of resources for addressing sensitive topics.


  • More resources for addressing racism, both in and out of the classroom.

15 Classroom Resources for Discussing Racism, Policing, and Protest – Education Week Teacher

  • Resources and lessons for teaching both very specific issues (such as George Floyd’s death and protests) to larger, ongoing ones (such as racism and the Black Lives Matter movement).


Go Noodle –

  • This is a great resource for brain breaks, which help improve academic performance by allowing children to burn off excess energy that makes it difficult to focus. Additionally, many of the dances and videos also support cognitive development by focusing on topics such as Math, English, and Modern Languages. This allows more learning to occur, while also allowing success for different types of learners who may not be able to grasp a concept in another way.

Spin Into Action –

  • This is a resource that my group and I made in KHS 139. It focuses on providing a wholesome physical education that meets all of the curriculum requirements while being adaptable to the individual child. It also allows the children to have some say in what they would like to learn in that class. It has many resources also listed on the site, such as gonoodle. We also have a Pinterest page that shows a few different ways to make the wheel. All our links are available on the main site.

Oh, Canada: bridges and barriers to inclusion in Canadian schools

  • This is a great resource about inclusion in schools.


  • Great resource for craft ideas, teaching techniques, and free teaching resources.